05 February, 2019

A Quick Recap of 2018

People ask "how are things at Omni", so here's a super quick view at last year's progress.
2018 was amazing in many respects - the team grew from 5 to 20 people, we streamlined the process of calculator creation and more than doubled the total number of tools on the site.  Had a number of successful marketing campaigns.  The traffic grew nicely, but it's becoming harder  and harder to achieve high growth. After all, you can't grow 300% per year forever. Here are the numbers for the month of January... all of our Januaries :-)

January 2017 - 260k sessions.
January 2018 - 1.87M
January 2019 - 3.75M

We'll hopefully unlock new areas of quick-n-easy growth this year, but it probably won't be soon enough to see +100% next January.  As someone once told me, it's a long-distance run, not a sprint :-)