How many calories are there in a Thanksgiving Dinner?
21 November, 2017

How many calories are there in a Thanksgiving Dinner?

If you happen to live outside the U.S., then Thanksgiving for you is probably just the day before Black Friday, when you can find those big discounts and buy plenty of good stuff for low prices.

Thanksgiving Dinner: Questions and answers

But if you live in the USA, then you probably know everything about Thanksgiving. The dishes, the recipes, your place near the table, the schedule of Thanksgiving football, the teams of your local Turkey Bowl game and so on. It's possible that you know already what will be discussed during the Thanksgiving Dinner. Thankfully, there were no national elections this year.

We may not know the answers for all the questions that get asked during the Thanksgiving Dinner, especially when your granny asks you about why you're not married yet, but we have an answer to one specific question.

We bet you that after all plates become empty, someone at your table will start the conversation about how they feel full, and this was too much to eat. Someone might even wonder how many calories were this full Thanksgiving Dinner. And the one crazy about fitness will try to estimate the number.

Thanksgiving Dinner Calories Calculator

That's why we created this Thanksgiving Dinner Calories Calculator. We want to help you find out the number of calories you've eaten during your Thanksgiving feast, and maybe more importantly, how can you burn those calories.

We used the data provided by Calorie Control Institute, which measured the calorie and fat intake of an average Thanksgiving Dinner. It's 3150 calories and 159 grams of fat.

But not everybody will eat the same amount of turkey and casseroles. Not everybody likes the stuffing or the pecan pie.

So we used this data to create a calculator in which you can type your dinner and find out how many calories you've eaten.

Thanksgiving Calories Calculator

How to burn those Thanksgiving calories?

You can see the 'burning these calories' section in the bottom of the calculator. That's where things get interesting. You burn calories even when you're sitting on your couch and watching the Vikings - Lions game Thursday afternoon. But it will take you 40 hours* of that activity to burn all those Thanksgiving calories.

If alternatively, you pick up the ball and play football, it will just take you 5 hours to get rid of all Thanksgiving calories.

There are plenty of stuff you can do with this energy. Sex? 14 hours of lovemaking will burn those 3150 calories. Running? Over 5 hours. Yoga? 13 hours.

As you can see, burning all those Thanksgiving calories is hard. You can sweat just by thinking about it. So... maybe another slice of turkey? It's just 190 calories, virtually nothing compared to what you've eaten already.