#HuntedHunters: A Product Hunting Saga
06 March, 2019

#HuntedHunters: A Product Hunting Saga

People say that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, but still, great things can happen in a day.

My first ever lesson in time efficiency was my mother telling me “Everybody gets the same 24 hours, use it better”. I took these words to heart, mastering the art of time management and eventually took over the universe (probably).

On one of these life-changing days at The Omni Calculator Project, I came across our unintended success story on Product Hunt! For those of you who don’t know, Product Hunt is a day-long contest between startups/young entrepreneurial projects across the world. 24 hours of fame that can last a lifetime if utilized well.

It turned out that a someone had submitted us without our knowledge. We finished third that day, and our prize was a ton of attention. Thank you random stranger. In this serendipitous moment, we began to think, what does it take to make it big with Product Hunt? Our team at Omni Calculator brainstormed, we needed an idea. Young entrepreneurs often feel like they are up against a colossus, finding a way in to any start-up community is tough, especially one that has seen more products born than any other platform I can recall in these recent years.

We wanted to know, what makes a product launch great? Our hunt for insight continued. We brainstormed and finally came up with a thought; the best way for us and everybody else to find out what it takes, would be to ask the lifeblood of the community, THE HUNTERS!

One thing led to another and we decided to make it a series of interviews with them. Now the hunters were being hunted.

We put together our thoughts into meaningful questions and asked the Top Hunters of the world, “How do you do it?”. Before we knew it, we received an amazing response from the community, it was a pleasant surprise to see such enthusiasm to help out young entrepreneurs on their journey.

This marks the beginning of an interesting series of conversations we’d like to call the #HuntedHunters.

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