8 new calculators that will make you cool
21 November, 2017

8 new calculators that will make you cool

And help you learn physics.

Geeks and nerds are cool again, thanks to 'Stranger Things,' but being a member of Hawkins AV Club is much more than watching superhero movies, reading comic books and playing RPG games.

It's learning physics, biology, chemistry, math, and programming. And all that knowledge made the gang ready to fight demons.

Whether you're planning on fighting demons from another dimension or not, we've created a couple of cool new physics tools in recent weeks. What are they?

Efficiency Calculator

It's hard to go through the full 8 hours of work without checking Facebook or Twitter once in a while. But if you're organized and don't get that easily distracted, you can finish all your tasks in less than 8 hours and have plenty of time to watch more episodes of 'Stranger Things.'

That's called efficiency. And it has different applications and names. There's Rate of Investment, and there's fuel usage. There's player efficiency rating in basketball and engine efficiency in thermodynamics.

Which brings us to our Efficiency Calculator. It's as simple as it gets. Just divide the energy output by energy input, and you get the efficiency. The bigger the percentage is, the less energy is wasted in the process.

Like in life, the more you can do with the small amount of energy, the more efficient you are.

Efficiency Calculator

We've also created Carnot Engine Efficiency Calculator.

Acoustics calculator

Those calculators would be handy if you're running away from monsters and you guide yourself by their growling and roaring. But they are also pretty useful for architects and builders. Especially this Reverberation Time Calculator.

Any sound is a wave and behaves like one completely. When you have a wave hitting an obstacle (like a wall), part of it gets absorbed, and another part is reflected and starts to travel in an opposite direction. The bigger of a room you have, the longer it will take for a sound to travel and longer you'll hear it.

That's why in big halls a regular murmur can become tiring.

Reverberation Time Calculator will tell you how long sound waves will travel in a certain room. You provide its length, width, and height, as well as the dimensions and number of doors and windows and you'll get the reverberation time.

You can also try the dB Calculator which will help you find the sound pressure and intensity levels or the Distance Attenuation Calculator that calculates how the sound level decrease with distance from the sound source.

Mechanics calculator

In next season of 'Stranger Things,' the folks will get older, and they will learn more complex physics in school. They will certainly find these calculators useful.

First up is the Harmonic Wave Equation Calculator that helps you find the displacement of any point in the oscillating wave.

Any wave moves in time and space in an oscillating fashion. This movement depends on amplitude, wavelength, and velocity of the wave.

The displacement can be found by providing time, initial phase (in radians) and distance from the source.

Alternatively, you can try the Simple Harmonic Motion Calculator which helps you find out the displacement, velocity, and acceleration of an oscillating particle in a simple harmonic motion.

And, last but not least, is the Rotational Kinetic Energy Calculator, which will fast give you the answer of the rotational kinetic energy of an object in rotary motion.