How to make perfect pancakes every time? Try Pancake Recipe Calculator
09 October, 2017

How to make perfect pancakes every time? Try Pancake Recipe Calculator

Pancake lovers, we've made something just for you.

Johan Cruyff, the legendary Dutch football (or soccer if you’re American) player, and coach, used to say that playing simple football is the hardest thing. Some would say that cooking the simple dishes is the hardest thing and not many things come closer to this than pancakes.

Almost everybody will agree that it’s a very simple recipe. Eggs, milk, flour and baking powder. Nothing fancy, hold your avocado horses. You can be sophisticated when you think about the toppings.

Pancakes are easy to screw up

People made pancakes for centuries, and some sources date the creation of this wonderful meal in ancient Europe.

But recipe’s simplicity and popularity mean that a single small mistake can ruin your plans for a perfect morning. Everything matters. That’s why it’s sometimes the hardest thing to cook.

You can just estimate ingredients and fail spectacularly with having too dense pancakes (or too watery), you can have a too hot of a pan, you can be impatient with flipping them and ruin them completely. You can also make too many pancakes because you followed a recipe for four people and you just wanted to make a dish just for yourself.

How we made the Pancake Recipe Calculator

We’ve also had problems with making the perfect pancakes and crêpes. ‘I don’t know how many pancakes I can make with the pan that I have,' said Kasia, our social media specialist, during one of the brainstorms.

It quickly turned out that almost all of us have a Pancake Problem. There was a mention of making too many pancakes. One person also said that they often want to make pancakes with the eggs left in their fridge but don’t know how much of flour and milk they need.

Many Pancake Problems are just math problems. Good thing we're a calculator company.

Enter: The Pancake Recipe Calculator.

We’ve made a tool for those that want to make the perfect pancakes without much of a fuss. You just type how much of serves you need (per person or overall), and we calculate the rest: how many of flour, milk, and eggs you’ll need.

We created the formula by using the Jamie’s Oliver recipe for pancakes and crêpes. It’s one of the most popular recipes on the Internet and one of the simplest. All calculations are done in metric system, but depending on where you’re using the Pancake Recipe Calculator, you will see how much of ingredients you need in your most convenient units, including cups (not everyone has a weighing scale in their kitchen).

Below the calculator, you’ll find the full recipe for pancakes. Enjoy and bon appétit!

Pancake Recipe Calculator